If you are in a same-sex relation and you know that your relationship is over and you would like things to be amicably in relation to children, property, finances, pets and personal belongings you might like to consider mediation.

During mediation, parties are encouraged to discuss all of the issues and explore the various options which they have to resolve their differences.

Same sex couples who take part in Mediation are choosing to take charge of their lives. Using mediation reduces the anger associated with the break up. With mediation, the couple are able to discuss what they think is fair, and what solutions could allow them to part ways with respect and emotional closure. Mediation helps couples to keep talking until they find solutions that work for both of them. The aim of mediation is for both parties to feel they have arrived at a win-win situation.

My role as a mediator is not to take sides, not to sit in judgement, not to make decisions. The Mediation Process is based on the idea that the parties themselves are capable of arriving at a mutually acceptable resolution with the help of a Mediator.

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