Recently I was in Boots Pharmacy and decided to get my blood pressure checked which they kindly did.  It was late afternoon and I had just completed a stressful day – so it was not surprising my first reading was very high, but worrying when the second reading was even higher.  In an effort to relax I started visualising the face of a loved one – who always makes me smile, I then noted that my feet and my body were starting to relax.  I was amazed that the results of that test showed that my blood pressure was significantly lower than the first two readings.  Kathie (the Pharmacist) said you must have been more relax – I was – and it was entirely due to visualisation.

Visualisation is known to relax , reduce stress and in my case blood pressure.  This article gives further information.   Martin, I. (2006). Guided Visualization: A Way to Relax, Reduce Stress, and More!. Psych Central. Retrieved on July 8, 2014, from

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