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Family Therapy and Mediation for Family Estrangement

Family breakups are hard. Young teens may decide they do not want to meet one of their parents, perhaps through loyalty to the other parent. After many years of being estranged it can be extremely difficult to meet up. That … Continue reading

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Arbitration 1527

There is a very good exhibition in City Hall at the moment called “The Story of the Capital”.  As a mediator, it was interesting to read about an arbitration which occurred in 1527 concerning, among other things, the ordering of … Continue reading

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Mediation, Dublin for Disputes in the Workplace

Mediation, Dublin City Centre and Tallaght have successfully mediated workplace disputes.  The peace of mind and the health of individuals and the company can be affected by workplace disputes and workplace conflict.  Workplace conflict can lead to a decline in … Continue reading

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Elder Mediation

Mediation, Dublin, offer low cost mediation for families involving elder mediation.  The first consultation is free and this gives the family the opportunity to meet the mediator, to outline the issues and to hear the ground rules.

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Mediation instead of Relationship Counselling

Mediation, Dublin, recently Drew McGann Mediation worked with a couple who had difficulties in their marriage, but knew they loved one another and wanted to stay together and decided on mediation rather than relationship counselling.  With the assistance of Drew … Continue reading

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Divorcing couples must use mediation

Mediation, Dublin were glad to see that legislation is now in place in England and Wales, where divorcing couples must use mediation before they can use the courts, the exception being domestic violence and child protection cases which will still … Continue reading

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