Low Cost Family Mediation Dublin

Drew McGann Low Cost Family Mediation Dublin are always surprised how many unmarried fathers do not realise that having their name on their child’s birth certificate, which is a legal document, does not mean that they are the child’s guardian.  In order to become the child’s legal guardian the unmarried father has to either (a) complete a declaration with the child’s mother (signed by a Peace Commissioner – which will cost nothing – or by a Solicitor or Commissioner for Oaths – where there is a charge)  appointing him guardian or (b) if the mother is not agreeable to completing this declaration, the unmarried father will need to apply to the Court for guardianship.  The child’s mother is automatically a guardian as is the case with married couples. Drew McGann Low Cost Family Mediation always recommend unmarried parents check out the Treoir website http://www.treoir.ie/ which is a mine of information for unmarried parents and their family.

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