Counselling clients with eating disorders

A recent study in the UK adults found that only 9% would take advice on diet and exercise from an overweight GP. Naomi Moller wonders does weight similarly impact on the credibility of psychologists and I wondered about counsellors and psychotherapists?

There is a small theoretical as well as case study literature which argues that the body shape/weight of a therapist does matter to  clients. (Gubb, 2013)

Naomi writes that online discussion provides further anecdotal evidence that clients spent time talking to each other about their therapists weight/size, and feel uncomfortable with the therapist’s advice because of it.  Naomi mentions that preliminary findings link therapist with a weight problem  with emotional eating and the  link the therapist as not coping with their own life.(see the Psychologist, vol 28′ no. 2′ page 85)

It would be very interesting to hear from your views or experience on this topic.


Gubb K (2013) Re-embodying the analyst. Psychotherapy Analytic Psychotherapy in South Africa, 21(1),1-27


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